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The Insanity That Was... Anime Los Angeles

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

When it comes to Anime Conventions, especially here in California, there is a certain degree of expectation. Usually there are Cosplay Gathering for people to dress up and have fun, there is both an Exhibit Hall and an Artist Alley for people to purchase cool merchandise, and finally the meeting of Celebrities in the Anime community; Usually Voice Actors, Producers, and Directors. The biggest one in California being Anime Expo during the week of the Fourth of July. However, there needs to be something different to separate on Anime Convention from another. Something special that will cause people to want to come back every year. It is safe to say that Anime Los Angeles is special in its own way because it is nothing more than a 72-Hour Long Party.

Absolutely, there is more to Anime Los Angeles than meets the eye. People dress up in Cosplay and dance to music, but something that Anime Los Angeles has that, to this day no other convention has, is ribbons. As in, every step you take, you will see people with dozens of ribbons, handing out dozens of ribbons. Some are quite easy to get such as just asking for a ribbon, and they will give you one. However, some of the more interesting ones are going table to table, fighting people with Pokemon Cards to get Gym Ribbons. Others involve trivia questions where only those who know the answers to trivia questions will receive Castlevania Badges. The best ones though are badges you receive for going and having a meal at Denny's at Midnight because some guy thinks it is cool for people to eat Denny's at Midnight; Thus, he just gives out ribbons at Midnight (It's called The Real Denny's Hour Ribbon).

Anime Los Angeles is not exactly a convention you go to have fun by yourself. Anime Los Angeles is a convention you go to have fun with people. Immediately, people are generous, nice, compassionate, and will try to get you to come to as many events as possible. Whether it be events on-site in the convention center, or off-site as local restaurants and bars, or just at the dozens of hotel parties being hosted as nearby hotels. Very seldom were people either rude or demeaning, and they were usually held accountable very quick due to the shear respect everyone had.

Arguably one of the highlights of the Convention was the Cosplay Deviants Party on Saturday Night. While Anime Expo was sorely missing a Cosplay Deviants Party, Anime Los Angeles proudly had Cosplay Deviants rehost their famous Dance Party on Saturday Night, with music by Don't Feed The DJ. the party theme was based off the Anime Naruto, with the girls dressed up in lingerie and "Sexy" Versions of many of the female (and male) characters. A photo booth was set up to take pictures, the bar lines were always long, and the dance floor was full of both guys and girls!

If you have yet to experience the fantastic fun that is Anime Los Angeles, please reconsider and plan your trip for Anime Los Angeles as soon as possible. Very rarely is a convention this fun and interesting, not because of which celebrity they brought, but because you got breakfast at two in the morning with that one friend you have not seen in years, and it was on of the best nights of your life. that may seem like a very specific moment, but there are many stories of people loving and having the time of their life at Anime Los Angeles. That kind of experience should be a lot more cherished in the modern age.



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