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Tetris Effect

Tetris is a game as old as time, and a classic that everyone still enjoys. Many have tried to revolution the formula that is already perfect, but very few have been able to create anything substantial. Tetsuya Mizuguchi, famous for Rez and Luminez, has finally been given the opportunity to put his creative magic to the test with Tetris Effect. Essentially, Tetris Effect is the classic Tetris experience we all know and love, but with beautiful lush backgrounds and a diverse soundtrack of music.

Tetris is as Tetris does. Blocks fall from the top, and the player needs to create and clear lines to continue to board until the player reaches the top and loses. There are a few differences between Tetris and Tetris Effect, but for the most part, this is classic Tetris at its finest. The music and colors change the tempo of the game, as softer songs will create more relaxing experiences, while heavier songs will make the player play faster and more intense. It is very therapeutic to say the least.

Tetris Effect also features the Zone Mechanic, where the player fills up the Zone Meter to build up Zone Power. The player can then activate Zone, and it will stop time for until the meter ends. The play can then builds lines from the top, completed lines will reach the bottom, and it will allow the player to perform stacks of lines such as the Decahextris, the Perfectris, and the Ultimatris. It is mostly used for collecting points for a high score, but it is still flashy to see.

Tetris Effect also offers a VR mode, which also has advantages to it. Tetris Veterans, the refresh rate in VR is faster than the refresh rate of televisions. Meaning the player will on average play faster with a higher accuracy as opposed to with a television. For everyone else, it feels like being put on a Virtual Tour across the world, and it is an experience like no other.

Tetris Effect is not an easy game to recommend to people. Many will look at it as just the Tetris experience, but it is so much more. It plays with emotions, it creates experiences, and it offers something that very few games can offer. It ranks among the top five best Tetris games ever made. It is something special, and that is an understatement.




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