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Devil May Cry 5

While many will argue it has been 6 years (January 2013) since we have played a Devil May Cry game (DmC: Devil May Cry), it has been 11 years since Devil May Cry 4 has been released, and now Devil May Cry has finally been released to continue the mainline. There is a lot of pressure riding on Devil May Cry 5, as not only to prove itself better than DmC: Devil May Cry, which received mixed reception, but also to be a sequel worth waiting 11 years for. The fans are happy, but with a new audience, is Devil May Cry 5 able to capture the hearts of people who never played the originals? The answer, Capcom has put their best to their best, and have created one of their best with Devil May Cry 5

From the moment the game starts, it hits the gas and never stops. Devil May Cry 5 uses the RE Engine (Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil 2 Remake), which means the game not only runs well, but is graphically impressive on modern consoles. The music is well orchestrated, fits the tone, and if you purchase the Deluxe Edition, you will receive a handful of tracks from all previous Devil May Cry games. Thus, you can use whichever music fits your playstyle. Voice Acting is very well-done, with many original Voice Actors returning to reprise their roles. The game is also length, running at about 15 to 20 hours depending on difficulty, time spent exploring, and cutscenes viewed.

Devil May Cry 5 does exceptionally well in the presentation department, but the gameplay department is also very strong. Nero, the first character you can play, has somewhat simple sword-play, a grappling hook to grab enemies, and interchangeable robot arms that allow him to change up his gameplay style in multiple different ways. From a large electric hand, to stopping time, to a Mega Buster (Included in the Deluxe Edition), Nero has a large versatility with weapons. Dante, the second character you can play, has four different range weapons, four different combat weapons, and a hat used to gamble red orbs. Both characters allow for varying degrees of fighting and play, and while the scoring systems rewards players for changing up combat, players will be happy to know they are given enough. So either quick or slow, combat can be pace to their liking.

The only character that leaves much to be desired is the character V, the third character you can play. While V ha his moments of comedy, moments of endearment, and his backstory is interesting, V does not have as much polish in the story or gameplay department as Nero or Dante. V plays the role of a puppet-master, letting his pets to most of the combat for him, and resorting to mashing butttons non-stop on the controller. There is a severe lack of variety, combos are near non-existant, and getting SSS Ranks, even on harder difficulties, are easy so long as the player in keeping V at a distance and dodging enough. Lady of Trish are also involved in the story, but they sadly have so little their relevance is somewhat questionable.

The game does "Feature Online Multi-Player" in the form of another person playing in the background 99% of the time. The player will be finishing up a section of enemies, only to distance that over the bridge in a distant area, is another player playing a different section of the area. Very rarely with players actually interact in the same section of the level, and even when it does happen, the lack of communication leaves players to fight their own battles in their own corners of the room. All it does is leave the playing wishing a true multiplayer component was actually in the game.

Negative aspects aside, Devil May Cry 5 pleases almost everyone. It continues, and somewhat finishes, the story of Dante and Nero. It redevelops the beloved gameplay to near-perfection, and is a satisfying time from beginning to end. The story does take itself a little too seriously sometimes, but the game is filled with comedy that reminds the player what fun is, and Devil May Cry 5 is a fun video game to be enjoyed. It is a title worth revisiting again, and it will leave people happy.




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